Lusaka, the eye-opening city of Zambia

Famous for its shocking safari destinations and awe-inspiring hospitality, the city of Lusaka which is among one of the fast growing cities in the South African region promises some of fantastic touristic attractions for its visitors. The incredible city of Lusaka has plenty of offers from exploring its traditional bazaars to modern markets and from watching and playing at sensational wildlife parks to astonishing culture of this city, everything in this city has its own unique features. Talking about Lusaka, the eye-opening city of Zambia is wonderful but travelling experience of this amazing city will be something very special for you and memorable. Let’s take a look on the attractive sights and enthusiastic things to do at this remarkable city.

Munda Wanga Environmental Park

Historically it was a botanical garden established in 1950, but with the passage of time the park gains enormous popularity as a wildlife sanctuary and today Munda Wanga is a well-known destination for the finest collection of almost 50 various wildlife species and numerous kinds of plants. The ambition of the park is to provide a healthy environment to different animals and get them back into the wild with giving awareness to the peoples about environmental effects. While here you can watch and feed different animals which includes lions, cheetahs, baboons, birds, camels etc with a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere which is quite difficult to find out in the hustle and bustle of Lusaka commercial centers.

Explore the cultural Heritage of Zambia at Lusaka Museums

Lusaka has some outstanding museums which represents the cultural heritage of Zambia and this region. The most important museums which we are recommending that should be visited by you includes Lusaka National Museum, Namwandwe Gallery and Zintu Community Museum, whereas the Political Museum, Freedom Statue, Zambian National Assembly are also significant spots from historical and political point of view of Zambia. Local artistic work, traditions and customs can be well seen through paintings, sculptures and handicraft items in these museums. So enjoy your travelling in a true retrospect of Lusaka which will definitely surprise you a lot.

Lusaka Entertainment Offers

Either it is music and dance, food and drinks or shopping, you’ll find unlimited entertainment offers at this dazzling city. There is a wide range of shopping malls, pubs, restaurants, bars and hotels in Lusaka, where you can not only do shopping or tasting the delicious food of this region, but also you can set yourself up for the fantastic nightlife of Zambia. While the music and dance is an essential part of life in the Zambian society, people loves to dance on different sounds not only in their traditional way but also in modern styles.