Markets in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Markets in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Addis Ababa an important city of Ethiopia can be main attraction for those people who are interested to know about the historical places of the world. If you are interested to visit Addis Ababa then consider those airlines that offer Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa from London. It is important to visit markets of other countries to get cultural and historical items of this country. There are different famous markets in Addis Ababa from where you can buy beautiful and cultural handicrafts, dresses, shoes and different other interesting items. It will be helpful for you if you know about the markets of Addis Ababa and following are some details about famous markets in Addis Ababa.


It is an Italian name and known as major open-air souk in the world from where you can get lots of tourist good including fabrics, wood crafts, metal goods etc. You will surely enjoy haggling here according to standard procedures because the foreigners are usually charged high prices. If you want to have good shopping experience then do not be afraid of while negotiating aggressively but maintain your sense of humor. Be confident and do not let any broker to bully you and try to search for certain stores from where you can shop easily. If you want to shop at lowest prices then avoid brokers and do not use your guide or local friend for shopping.

Souvenir Street

You can find it at Churchill Avenue going downward from Tacoma café with a string of shops where you will find same good that are available at the airport, in Lalibela but at reasonable price. You can buy anything at good price without too much haggling.

Shiromeda Market

If you do not want to go Mercato then Shiromeda Market is a lovely swap for you. It is located between Sidist Kilo and Mt Entoto but you still have to haggle to get best goods at best prices. It is better place to buy traditional dresses at cheap prices.

Friendship Supermarket

You can find it at Bole Road at the end of the airport and you will definitely enjoy your shopping here due to its western-style. The market is well stocked with almost all types of good according to the needs of visitors.

Edna Mall

It is located on Telebole with a great touch of appealing but high-quality bookshop along with a cinema to enjoy western films. The center of the mall has amusement park with carousel, climbing tubes and bumper cars. It is a great place for small kids but you will find this place stuffed with crowd on weekends and holidays. Come here and enjoy great shopping because the Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa from London will save your money.