Music and Entertainment in Harare

Music and Entertainment in Harare

Music and entertainment of Harare face different changes during its history and this history is full of interesting events. Culture of Zimbabwe was started with a united communal voice and this voice got major influence in 21st century. In history, every aspect of Zimbabwean life like birth, death, culture and different events of living ware represented with music. Music was an instructional tool to highlight the intrinsic worth of different events like change of age, marriage, hunting and war. Musical lyrics are highly inspired by the African culture and religious beliefs. Your one visit to Harare will tell you everything about its history of music and entertainment. Cheap flights to Harare from London will be useful for all those travelers who want to travel within budget.

Change in Music of Zimbabwe

Colonization in Zimbabwe was the start of change in traditional music and lyrics. Entry of Christian values, beliefs and music during colonization started the change in traditional music of Zimbabwe. Polyphonic and cadenced doggerels of Zimbabwe are replaced by Western four-part lyrics and crude meters.

Type of Zimbabwe Music

Zimbabwean traditional music was famous to counterfeit affairs between folks and families. After sometime, protest music appeared to vent anger feelings, antagonism, heartache and social prejudice. Chi-Murenga is a part of protects movement that is named on Shona warrior. Chi-Murenga means “spirit of Murenga” and this movement was first time used in late 1890s and it was second time used in 1960s. Some developments in Chi-Murenga were occurred in 1980s and now it got global influence in current days.

Evolution of Music and Entertainment

Despite different cultural invasions, music and its performance are still survived but with some modern touch of entertainment. Dancing, gaming and tourist-driven venues are available in different urban areas. You will find these spots in different hotels and restaurants too. There is no commercial theater in Zimbabwe but Styx is making some efforts to reestablish theaters in Zimbabwe. This process is still continue but with slow speed.

Music is an important part of Zimbabwean community but one can easily identify the western touch in the music and performance art of Zimbabwe. Existence of different religious beliefs is the main reason of this change in Zimbabwean music because all communities have to celebrate their religious events. Western influence on Zimbabwean music can be a big question mark on its liberty so it is important to make some efforts to bring back influence free traditional music of Zimbabwe.