National Archives of Accra

National Archives of Accra

Accra, the capital of Ghana is an attractive place for those who are interested to know about the history and traditions of this place. There are lots of national and traditional places that are important to visit. You can make your visit worthwhile by knowing about your interest. Sit for some time in relax mood to come to know about your interest. Make a list of those places that are important to visit at first place to easily access all interesting spots without wasting your time. Book your flight via cheap airline services for Accra and collect details about important places. If you are interested to visit national archives of Accra, following details will help you a lot:

The Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences

It is located at La Beach Rd and also known as Artists Alliance Gallery. You can view best wooden artifacts that are available at cheap prices also. Sculptures, fabrics and paintings of top artists are available at this place. You can easily select anything as per your choice.

Ghana’s Central Library

It is located in Osu Castle by Danes in the 17th Century. Before Danes, the library was run under different rules and many hands. Before claim of library by Denmark, this library was used to trade precious metals but Danes made it a store for slaves and kept them here before shipping them. After some time, it became headquarters of the Danish Gold Coast. Before independence of Ghana, it was used as presidential house.

Labadi Beach

It is one of the most significant seashores of Accra situated among luxurious lodges called “La Palm and La Badi Beach”. It is short but elongated to Atlantic Coast that features several improvised café restaurants. In good weather, you can enjoy rhythm, dancing, pony rides, and gymnastic performances. You can enjoy swimming and lots of other activities on-shore.


It is an oldest part of Accra with an active fishing center. It is quite similar to Zanzibar’s Stone Town. It is highlighted place for tourists, because it is one of the memorable sights in the city. An oldest hotel of Accra is located near this place with a drinking bar. It is located in the west at the short distance from Independence Square from the busy street. Lighthouse is a great place with a prison building housed inside the old colonial fort. If you want to see dozens of small boats, go early in the morning to this place.

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