Nigerian culture about the Maternity

Nigerian culture about the Maternity

It is fact that Nigeria has blend of different cultures and religions, but maximum population of Nigeria follows same practice for the birth and raise of children. Women of urban areas get the services of hospitals and nursing homes to get birthing services while the women of rural areas have home births. Birthing process may vary but the upbringing process remains same. Mother is always considered as the main concierge of the child and whole community support mother in the rearing of child. Both men and women, play an important role in whole process and in order to learn everything about maternity, visit Lagos, Nigeria. Cheap flights to Lagos is offered by different airlines to make your travel really easy and timely.

Role of Men and Women

Lagos, Nigeria has male dominated society therefore women has to depend on her husband in different matters of life. Some ethnic groups allow a man to have several wives and large number of children. Several wives and large number of children are considered as symbol of respect and pride. This situation can exert additional pressure on a woman. Men and women in Nigeria, have to play a traditional role in which mother is considered as the main concierge of the child.

Birth of a Son

All wives are probable to give birth to few children after marriage but the birth of son is considered specifically important for the family because the son will get right to inherit property of father to get a wealthy woman for marriage. In a family with multiple children, sons get more importance than daughters and get education too. Daughters are responsible to help their mother in household works at very young age.

Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremony is important to take place after the birth of both baby boy and baby girl. It is really important in Nigerian culture and infant get a name selected by all family members. First name selected by all family members is connected to a family name called surname. This ceremony is organized in the first week of child’s birth.

Culture for Children

Birth of every child regardless of gender is celebrated by the family members and other members of society. Birth of each new child is taken as renewal of life and transformation of society. After birth, child become responsibility of mother and in this scenario, father is not required for the child in any way. Daughter always remain attached with mother to learn household chores and other duties to take care of her family. After reaching to adolescence, the son is expected to join the work of his father. It will be quite interesting to see the maternity practice and traditions directly in Lagos, Niger so book your Cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria and visit this place.