Peruvian Culture- A Guide to Cultural Heritage, Customs and Etiquette of Peru

Huayna Picchu is a mountain in Peru

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Peru is one of the best tourism gateway of South America. While the country has a rich, diverse and historical culture; from Inca civilization to Spanish colonial regime. With a mixture of ancient and modern cultures, Peru is one of the most amazing and startling site to visit and meeting with the hospitable peoples of this region and watching incredible heritage sites is always a great experience for everyone. And whenever you want to visit any foreign country, then it is important to know about the traditional values and etiquette of that specific region in order to make to your trip more comfortable and memorable. Following cultural information will be quite helpful for you to understand the Peruvian peoples and their behaviours towards visitors from other countries.

Language and Religion

Peru has a population of around 27 million peoples with a variety of indigenous languages which are still spoken in the country from centuries. But the Spanish language which is also amongst the official languages of the country is quite dominant in Peruvian society. Whereas the Amerindian languages like Quechua and Aymara are also common after Spanish. In Amazon region you will find a vast collection of local languages due to ethnic diversity. Above 80% of the population are Roman Catholic, which was introduced by the Spanish to this region. Other main religions in the Peru includes: Protestantism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Judaism, Islam and other Indigenous Peruvian religions.

Customs and Etiquette

In social life, family system and gathering is an important aspect of Peruvian culture. Traditionally women has a role of a housewife and generally men is responsible for the home expenditures. If you are meeting to someone first time in this country then you should use the last name of that person for any talk because only family members or close friends can call by the first name. Giving respect to elders is highly appreciable in Peruvian daily life like if any elder is coming towards any younger one then he will stand in his respect either at home, gatherings or at public places. For greetings hand shake is the best option, which is normally used in the Peru’s society and for an easy dialogue or discussion with the peoples you can also use hand gestures. Tip is usually given at the airports and hotels but not at the restaurants or to the taxi drivers. So if you are excited and want to explore more about the intriguing things to do and watch in this fantastic country, then kickoff to travel Peru for an unforgettable visit of your life.

Cultural Heritage

There are 12 World Heritage sites in Peru, eight of which are cultural sites representing the astonishing history of this region. In which the City of Cusco, Machu Picchu and Historic Center of Lima are the most significant. The architectural style and skills which was brought by the Spanish colonists has a strong influence in Peruvian Architecture which can be well seen in many of the landmarks of the country. With immense tourism attractions, cities like Arequipa and Lima are the best examples of heritage with numerous dazzling sites like old buildings, forts, squares, parks and traditional streets. Chan Chan Archaeological Area and Qhapac Ñan (In Quechua its means the great road) are such remarkable places for archaeological studies that you might have seen in your whole life.