Places to Visit in Africa

Places to Visit in Africa

Africa has one of the world’s most exciting and wondering destinations to travel from natural scenes of Cape Town Central, South Africa to the traditional and historic city of Morocco, best wildlife parks of Africa to one of the top beaches, Islands and desert life in Africa. In fact this continent has a tremendous and eyes attracting natural beauty tourism spots which will give you a lot of heart pleasure and best holidays travel opportunity. If you are visiting the historic and ancient Pyramids and landscapes of Cairo Egypt in the Northeast Africa, Livingstone Island in Southern Africa, Mediterranean coast of Tunisia and amazing wild life of Harare Zimbabwe, all these locations will give you an indelible memories to your heart, cultural experiences and fantastic adventurous activities. Whenever you plane for this great trip to Africa then don’t forget to check out our best packages of Cheap Flights to Africa. After deciding where to go in Africa then includes some of the fabulous destinations for your enthusiastic tour.

Attractions of Southern Africa

This region of Africa has diverse and astonishing landscapes, culture and stunning natural beauty all around. Especially great South African safari destinations like Hwange National Park, South Luangwa, and Kruger National Park. These places are really an excellent capture point for your photography work and feeling nature of wildlife and other species. One of the other tourism spot which you will never want to miss is the landscapes of Southern Africa like famous Table Mountain, desertscapes of Kalahari, flat topped granite rise in Namibia and along all of this you will enjoy a variety of culture and ancient traditional values of these regions. At the end of your travelling through Southern Africa visit the renowned city of Cape Town known for his natural beauty, hospitality and history, here you will find fantastic sites to travel like The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town’s Beaches and Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.

Attractions of North Africa


With an arrival of around 7 million tourists every year makes this North African country a hub for travelling activities. Tunisia has a diverse natural beauty, great history and is well known for its hospitality. Here you will find the ancient cultural heritage centers like Bardo Museum which is one of the top magnificent museums in Tunisia that provides information about the lifestyle of North Africa and glorious history of this region. Some of the other outstanding touring spots are the traditional markets and streets of Houmt Souq, El-Jem is another excellent destination to explore Roman civilization in North Africa and finally don’t forget to enjoy the climatic conditions of Mediterranean coast along with traditional Tunisian cuisine.


For every traveler this country of North Africa holds an immediate and enduring fascination. This country has stunning deserts and mountains and here you can explore one of the world’s best heritage sites and imperial cities like Meknes, Rabat and Marrakesh or home to a famed medina (Fez). Travelling from snow capped Atlas Mountains to the sands of Sahara, enjoying the traditional values and variety of culture throughout Morocco will be an outstanding experience and adventurous trip in your life.