Reconnoitre Lima through its Unrivalled Travel Secrets

Lima which is the capital city of Peru has many exciting and unparalleled tourism features which you will never think to miss whenever you are in the amazing country of Peru. It is the second driest metropolis city of the world after Cairo with a population of around 10 million peoples. The city has a deep history from colonial regime to modern era which makes it an incredible site to visit, while it is among one of the few places from where you can easily understand the civilization of America due to its wide range of archaeological sites, museums, landmarks with multi-cultural society.

Well historical background is not only the single point to explore this dazzling city, there are numerous ways to reconnoitre Lima through its unrivalled travel secrets, from its elegant landscapes, greenish gardens and parks, small rocks, relaxing beaches, diverse valleys to experiencing the delicious cuisines of this region, walking through hustle and bustle of the city streets, commercial centers, enjoying the music in the dancing clubs and bars especially the unlimited entertainment offers during the nightlife of this city.

Visit the astonishing southern region of Lima


Your journey will be incomplete if you miss to watch the inspiring southern region of Lima which offers plenty of adventurous and surfing attractions to its visitors at different beaches like Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo, Punta Rocas and San Pedro with much more which you want. Along with sensational desert exploration opportunities, meeting hospitable local villagers and staying at luxurious resorts will be a memorable experience for you. Whereas the whole southern region, especially the desert area is well-known for archaeological mysteries which provides you better options to find out the fantastic and intriguing South America’s past culture, traditions and heritage.

Plaza Mayor, Lima


The famous Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor which is an important and main square built by the founder of Lima City Francisco Pizarro in the 16th century is an attractive tourism sight from generations. It can be well seen that how this colonial city was started and established during Spanish colonial era. Some of the oldest building around the square represents the architectural skills which was used at that time, in fact it surprised everyone who visit this square.

Museums of Lima


Whether you talk about startling Peruvian culture, art and history or it is Inca civilization or its culture, it is difficult to find out a complete detail on the cultural heritage of Peru without visiting the splendid museums of Lima. In which Larco Museum, Museum of the nation, Museum of Italian Art, Metropolitan Museum, Art & Peruvian Popular Traditions Museums are very significant, and once you visit anyone of these museums, surely it will remind you the golden past of this region.