Religious and Social Customs of Sanaa for Teens

Religious and Social Customs of Sanaa for Teens

People of Sanaa experience strict religious and social customs to lead different aspects of their life. Specific guidelines are present to provide guidance for their daily conduct of life. All people including teens of Sanaa have to follow all religious and social customers. People of Sanaa are really conscious about these customs therefore it is advised to all travelers to must know these customs before heading to Sanaa via Cheap Flights to Sanaa Yemen. Social interaction between girls and boys is highly prohibited in Sanaa therefore you have to be careful about it. Teens of Sanaa are really active because they have active participation in different activities like education, sports, social interactions etc.

Education in Yemen

Although education is not compulsory in Yemen but government always put stress on the education of all children. Lots of children in Yemen do not attend school ever in their life and this trend is most common in girls. Public schools of Yemen provide co-education until fourth grade and after this grade both boys and girls are provided with separate seated arrangements. Use of cell phone is not allowed in the schools of Yemen.

Social Life in Sanaa, Yemen

Social life of the teens of Sanaa is quite different from United States because the youth is not allowed to have friendship with opposite sex and it is forbidden for boys of Yemen communities to make direct eye contract with girls. Dating is also prohibited therefore arrange marriage is frequently practiced in Yemen.

Home Life in Sanaa, Yemen

Yemeni homes have extended family system where different family members play traditional roles like mother stay at home to take care of household needs and children. Father goes outside to earn money to fulfill all expenditures of the family with complete authority over the household. Teens have to share different responsibilities of the family according to their gender. Girls help their mother in household chores including cleaning and laundry. Boys are taught to clean their own rooms and help in running errands. It is the culture of Yemen to respect each family member and be careful about their rights.

Extracurricular Activities

Different extracurricular activities are organized by educational institutions or sports clubs. Only teens are allowed to involve in these activities as these are planned and organized for their health. Segregation of gender also exists in extracurricular activities as the girls are required to wear modest dress.

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