Special Cuisine of Jeddah

Special Cuisine of Jeddah

Every country is rich with its special culture and traditions regarding costumes, celebrations, festivals and food. If we talk about Jeddah then it has its own traditions and culture because the residents of Jeddah belong to different ethnicities and races. The blend of races has great impact on the traditional cuisine of Jeddah. You will surely enjoy great cuisine in Jeddah but for this purpose you have to cut your flight expenses via cheap Flights to Jeddah from London. Variety of cuisines and blend of different cultures make this place a special place to enjoy your holidays. If you want to enjoy mouth watering food items of Jeddah then make sure to have information about them:

Famous Dishes of Saudi Arabia

Kabsa is a Nejdi dish that is equally admired amid the people of Jeddah where it is made with lamb meat as a substitute of chicken. Mandi is a Yemeni dish that is like by customers in the lunch meal.

Special Cuisine and Location to Enjoy This Cuisine

Jeddah cuisine is really popular as you can enjoy different dishes like Mabshoor, Foul, Areika, Kaba, Merioo, Shorabah Hareira, Madhbi, Migalgal, Magloobah, Kibdah, Hummus, Biryani, Ruz Kabli, Ruz Bukhari and Saiyadyia. If you want to enjoy all these special dishes then you have to enjoy traditional restaurants located around the city like Althamrat, Abo-Zaid, Al-Qurmooshi, Ayaz and Hejaziyat.

Grilled Meat Dishes

If you want to enjoy grilled meat dishes then you can enjoy shawarma, kofta and kebab in the first-class market in Jeddah. Sambousak and ful are special dishes for Iftar meal. These dishes are evenly accepted in Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish eating places.

Fast Food

Fast food is also popular in Jeddah where you can visit McDonald, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza and KFC to enjoy American fast food. You can get the different chains of these fast food restaurants in Makkah, Madinah and Yanbu.

Where to Find Special Cuisine

Broasted chicken and variety of seafood items are special in Jeddah. There are special local fast food eatery called Al Tazaj that have grilled chicken with different flavors that is called Farooj, and a side of Tahina with onion and spices. Foultameez has specialty in Foul and Tameez as fast food; Kudu and Herfy offer western fast food. If you are interested to take special varieties of Shawerma then Halawani is best place for this purpose.

You can also enjoy Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian cuisines because these are equally popular in Jeddah and you can find them in different restaurants throughout the city.