The Most Thrilling Snorkeling Spots For 2015

Thrilling Snorkeling Spots

There are many islands around the world which are famous for its unlimited adventurous activities. Probably you have visited some of them, but finding more elegant and attractive beaches or islands never became ends for travel lovers, where they can enjoy their luxurious holidays with family or friends. And your trip will be incomplete if you miss the entertainment which you can get from adventurous travelling. Especially at islands with many other interesting things to do, snorkeling is one of the best adventure activity which you can do in crystal clear waters surrounded by pure natural environment and amazing sea life. For the year 2015, here are some of the suggestions for enthusiastic snorkeling activity which will really motivate you a lot!

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

When we talk about on the marine diversity, then Raja Ampat is simply the best. Located in the region of West Papua Province of Indonesia, Raja Ampat is an archipelago which consists of around 1500 small islands. Raja Ampat promises unrivalled tourism attractions to its visitors with a collection of around 1700 different water species including fascinating shark views which are just at a distance of few meters from the water surface. But for divers and snorkelers this fabulous site is ideal, whereas this intriguing destination is also renowned for undersea photography.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

The beauty of Tasman Sea is incomplete without this incredible island. Naturally sliced between Australia and NewZealand, the Lord Howe is a World Heritage Site comprising an area of 14.55 square kilometers. Famous for its warm tropical waters and unparalleled scenic views all around which attracts numerous of tourists round the year from different regions of the world, but only around 400 visitors are allowed to watch this stunning island per week. Beautiful greenish surroundings with eye-catching mountain boundary between the sea and island truly makes this site a travelling escapade. With countless water sports options at this spectacular Pacific holiday station, you can try an astounding snorkeling in the tropical conditions. Especially snorkeling with the kingfish will make your experience unforgettable. If you are still thinking to decide that where to go for a perfect atmosphere of snorkeling? Then really! You will miss out this dazzling opportunity. So visit and explore the exciting Lord Howe Island Australia, which is just at an interval of two hour flight from Brisbane.

Crystal River, Florida

Well-known travelling destination of Florida offers some of fantastic touristic attraction all around the whole state. Diving and snorkeling at Crystal River is always a dream of any adventure lover. Manatee is a beautiful creature which you will see in this river, while swimming and playing with this interesting specie will give you an unlimited fun. For scalloping, the best season to visit Crystal River is from the end of June to September and getting into the warm waters will really give you a unique experience and pleasure.