Things to do in Manila

Things to do in Manila

With an area of 636 square kilometers consisting sixteen cities and one municipality makes up what is officially known as Metro Manila. This city is the capital and second most populous city of Philippines and is well known for its landmarks, rich history, culture, and faith. The overcrowded streets, markets, beach resorts on different islands and atmospheric buzz, all this provide you a unique and amazing opportunity of adventure and indelible memories. There are plenty of sites and things to explore in Manila for your fantastic trip.


If you have visited different destinations in the world which has a past of colonization systems, and yet not travel the historical Spanish Manila then this will be a great chance for you to take some heartbreaking moments at Intramuros during your Manila tour. It was the historical period when the capital city was established here during Spanish colonial times. Over four centuries the walls of this fort still stands as they were in past and here you can experience fabulous tourist attractions like Fort Santiago, Rizal Shrine, and San Agustin museum and church. Even though the old buildings were badly destructed during ww2 but still there are many treasures of surviving architectural sites.

Manila Bay

This natural harbour serves the Port of Manila and is an excellent site especially when sun’s going down. Here you can enjoy Bay walk and enjoy your favorite seafood along with a choice of eating these delicious cuisine available in nearby restaurants or simply take your ingredients and do one of your memorable cooking in your any favorite restaurant near to Bay. And after deciding your trip to Manila then just check out our affordable packages of cheap flights to Manila.

National Museum of the Filipino People

This museum is the house of anthropology and archeology elements, and has a vast collection of Filipino paintings and sculpture. One of the interesting aspect and treasure of this museum is the skullcap of the earliest inhabitant of Philippines known as Tabon Man. In fact it is a splendid museum and cultural heritage center along with collection of traditional jewelry and historical coins. Rizal Park in a historical urban park covering an area of 60 hectares and is named after Philippine National hero Jose Rizal, and was executed in this park by Spanish colonial authorities. It’s a wonderful place both for locals and foreigners especially in holidays and weekends. Some of the eye’s attracting and heart pleasure travelling spots in this park is the display of multi coloured water and the Rizal Monument, guarded by sentries in full regalia. All these fascinating and tremendous destinations will make your holidays memorable and really Manila has much more fun from your expectations.