Top 5 Amazing Destinations For 2015

Alfheim Stadion is football stadium located in Tromsø, Norway

As the New Year starts, the travel lovers are coming with new ideas that which destination will get more popularity and attraction this year. With numerous suggestions about top travelling spots in 2015 which comes out at different travelling forums and at travel blogs, it is difficult to say that which one will be your favorite? But it will be quite easy for you to select a spectacular tourism site for your upcoming holiday’s trip by just taking a look on the top 5 amazing destinations for 2015.

Tromso, Norway

If you want to see the magical northern lights which continuously change in different patterns or you are looking to visit the refreshing water spots of Norway surrounded by snow-capped mountains, then visit the Tromso which is one of the largest town of northern Norway because this intriguing site has a lot of offers for you. Experience one of the best hospitality and taste the delicious cuisine of this region, along with an excellent opportunity of exploring culture and architecture of Norway.

Erg Chebbi Desert, Morocco

One of the inspiring and most adventurous touring spot in Morocco is the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Located in the Saharan Morocco, and is a perfect place for exploring Saharan desert either by camel trekking or by a 4×4 car. While the sunset views during camel ride and your night stay at nomad tent will be an un-forgettable experience for you at this splendid destination.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur has become one of the top tourism hub in Southeast Asia in the recent years. This year KL will be again hosting some of the fantastic religious, musical and sports events, so if you haven’t enjoy the fabulous festivals in the dazzling city of Kuala Lumpur then this is the best time for you to grab this opportunity and entertain yourself by visiting KL which is one of the top 5 amazing destinations for 2015 in our list.

Stunning Tianzi Mountains, China

Visit the Nature Grandeur Mountains of Tianzi, located in the Hunan province of China. The highest peak which you will find here is 1,262 meters above the sea level. The elegant aspects of this stupendous site which will attract you to travel this region includes; the top views of numerous rising peaks one after another, unrivalled waterfalls and especially down valleys views by cable railway journey.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

If any couple get tired by visiting many of the romantic beaches of the world and now they want to spend their holidays at a unique and awesome romantic destination, then it’s time for you to experience an astonishing trip to tunnel of love because this place is perfect for true lovers which gives you an outstanding romantic and heartbreaking environment. Tunnel of Love is located in Ukraine and is a very popular destination, while there is a train track which passes through the tunnel in an incredible lush-green surroundings. It’s not just a rail journey because when you will reach inside the tunnel you will feel one of the best romantic moments of your life with your partner.