Top Hotels in Sanaa

Top Hotels in Sanaa

Sanaa the capital of Yemen is an interesting place where you can trace the history of 6th century related to King Yousef Athar and in past, Sanaa was the capital of Himyarite kingdom. Sanaa has lots of ancient architecture and world heritage so it will be good to travel to Sanaa for those who are interested in historical places. Do not worry about your travel expenses and management as different airlines offer Cheap Flights to Sanaa Yemen. You have to concentrate on your residence in Sanaa and for this purpose you have to book a reliable hotel in advance. There are some cheap hotels available in Sanaa and for your guidance following are some details about top hotels located in Sanaa:

Arabia Felix Hotel

It is one of the best hotels in Sanaa located on the Sa’ila in Sanaa in the old part of city. Arabia Felix hotel is constructed by converting an old Yemeni house into hotel for tourists. You can easily access markets; national museum and post office from the hotel as these all are located in the close proximity. Hotel has four conventional houses and a restaurant where you can enjoy Yemeni cuisine.

Lamar Hotel

Lamar hotel is based in Hadda and is famous for its beautiful weather and mesmerizing views. It takes only 25 minutes to approach Lamar Hotel from Sanaa airport. You can come here with your family or stay here for your business trip to organize some kind of conference. It offers suites where you can stay with your kids also as it has 2 large rooms, Queen Bed and 2 single beds. The rooms are equipped with LCD TV and have a balcony. An open and sizeable kitchen is also available with suites. You can get 5 stars amenities in the Q Bed rooms available for two adults. Lamar hotel also provide apartments with large rooms fully equipped with different amenities like Queen Beds, single Beds and LCD TV.

Shahran Hotel

Shahran is a four star hotel and ranked among luxury hotels in Sanaa with different interesting amenities. Hotel is situated in Hadda Zone therefore it is really easy to access important points of the city because the city center, premier business and shopping points are located at walking distance from hotel. It is positioned in the peaceful landscape surrounded by cliffs so you can enjoy better view every time from the rooms of hotel. You can conveniently access this hotel from different directions such as it is 15 km away from Sanaa international airport so you can reach here in 30 minutes by car. You can enjoy feast facilities, meeting rooms, swimming pool and steam path at Shahran hotel. It is a best place to enjoy peaceful and soothing vacations in Sanaa.