Top Landmarks of Harare Zimbabwe

Top Landmarks of Harare Zimbabwe

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe where two million people reside in the center and surroundings of rural Harare. It is a city of modern buildings, wide through streets, different parks and gardens. City is suffering from disrepair and it all because of monetary descending twisting of Zimbabwe. Cultural and historical heritage of the city is really amazing because numerous old buildings have been preserved. You can head to Harare to view all amazing places and for this purpose you can book cheap flights to Harare Zimbabwe offered by different airlines. It will be good to note down all important places of Harare so that you can visit every place during your stay.

The National Gallery

It is an important place that houses precious and appealing national collection. Traveling international exhibitions are usually hosted in this building so it will be good to know the schedule of this exhibition. Here you will see an enduring display of some exceptional Shona soft stone carvings.

National Archives

If you are interested to see the inestimable collection of Rhodesiana and Africa in the form of chronicles, notebooks and reports from special origins then it is right place for you. Original work done by supreme names for the exploration and the messenger of Africa can be viewed at this place.

National Botanic Gardens

This is a large open 68ha garden of the Harare which has lots of interesting scenes and notable views. You can view more than 900 genuses of feral trees and shrubs that are collected from all over the country.

Mukuvisi Woodlands

It is 277ha of extraordinarily potted natural woodland that that overlap the banks of small Mukuvisi stream. You can see variety of beautiful birds and wild animals including giraffe, zebra, impala, tsessche, wildebeest, bushbuck, steenbuck, reed buck and eland.

The Kopje

It is a granite hill mounting above the southwest curve of the middle Harare. It is a great place from where you can get great view of the city.

Chapungu Sculpture Park

You can found gigantic number of rocks of black serpentine stone around Zimbabwe and you will surely notice them while your drive from airport. These all are a great reflection of talented artists of Zimbabwe. Numerous artists have used this area for the exhibitions.

Rufaro Stadium

It is a versatile stadium situated in Harare Zimbabwe that has capability to house 35,000 people therefore it is measured as the largest stadium in Zimbabwe after Nation sports stadium that can house almost 60,000 people and Babourfields stadium which can entertain 40,000 people. Do not wait and book cheap flights to Harare from London and have a peaceful and budgeted journey for extended enjoyment.