Top Sights in Auckland

Top Sights in Auckland

The most populous city of New Zealand is a well-known destination for its glorious beauty and numerous travelling spots in the city and it’s around. Auckland’s diverse natural landscapes and wonders is a prominent attraction for tourists over the years, and the most important aspect among all of these attractions of Auckland are the 48 volcanic cones which gives the splendid views of the city, beaches and harbour. The multicultural city of Auckland has an outstanding hospitality, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking scenic views of it lush green environment. With all of these Auckland’s luxurious offers, don’t miss the adventurous activity of boating and sailing, as the Aucklanders are very keen in boating and sailing, so you will have a opportunity to do this sensational activity during your visit in the dazzling city of Auckland. Now for all this entertainment, let us share some of the facts and information with you on some of the top sights in Auckland, and surely you will be delighted after visiting these elegant sights.

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

Are you ready for snorkeling in a fantastic atmosphere for a memorable experience? So visit the Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium, which is one of the famous aquarium of the world and is a home to the New Zealand’s largest collection of sharks. The spectacular features of this aquarium showcase includes; over 80 different species with an amazing underwater tunnel view, the aquarium has the world’s largest Antarctic penguin colony display, beautiful seahorses, Spiny sea dragon and much more. The aquarium is a hub for an endless fun for everyone at every stage, and if you miss to watch out this stunning aquarium then you will find your tour incomplete.

Mangere Mountain Auckland

You will never get tired by watching the fascinating natural views in this beautiful city, and the Mangere Mountain is another lovely site to visit in Auckland. The volcanic cone of Mangere is the largest volcanic cone as compared to the other Auckland’s volcanic cones, and is a perfect place to view the city from the top of the mountain, and explore the historical significance of Auckland with the help of the traces of early Māori settlements. Here you can also visit the Ambury Regional Park, where you will see the birds flying, walking trails, farm animals and much more.

Rangitoto Island

Experience the unrivalled beauty of Rangitoto Island with a dramatic history of its formation. The island is 5.5 km wide and is located in Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, and the rising volcanic cone on this island is around 260 metres in height. Here you can explore the lava caves and walk to the top from different walking tracks and see the 360 degree views of Auckland city with many other intriguing things, which the island offers to its visitors.