Tours around Harare

Tours around Harare

Your tour to Harare can be really amazing with proper planning and time management. You have to make a list of places you want to visit and then estimate time to visit each place. Write about activities that you can do at your selected spot to increase your joy. This work should be done before going to Harare via Cheap flights to Harare. You should know about important places and routes to access these spots without any trouble. It will let you to visit maximum places even in your limited tour. Following are some famous places of Harare and all possible activities that you can do there:

Big City Tour

If you want to get panoramic outlook of the city, you can drive past historic buildings from the Kopje hill. Tobacco Auction Floors remain available during April to October so you can be part of auction floors, in case you are visiting Harare during this period. Three hours are enough to explore the attractions of big city.

Hire Private Car and Chauffeur Great Drives

Hire a private vehicle for the whole day and enjoy awesome time while visiting different places of Harare. Do not forget to take guidance of driver before going anywhere.

Mukuvisi Woodlands

It is located at 15 minutes drive from city center and best place for those who want to see interesting animals including elephant, impala, ostrich and giraffe. Mukuvisi is natural woodland that is administered by Wildlife Society of Zimbabwe.

Majestic Structure

Majestic 13th century structure is best place for tourists because this place is considered as foundation for the culture and heritage of Zimbabwe. This largest historical pyramid has great importance in the world.

Nyachowe Village

Do you want to keep yourself in natural environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city? Nyachowe Village located 80KM away from Harare is best place for you. Rural people will warmly welcome you and introduce you with their beautiful and traditional lifestyle.

Kuimba Shiri Bird Gardens and Snake World

Do you want to take a look to the wildlife of Zimbabwe? Visit Kuimba Shiri to see more than 100 local as well as exotic birds. In the snake world, you have to be careful as most poisonous vipers lived here.

Lake Chivero

It is located on the suburbs of Africa and lots of lions and cheetahs are available her. You can see lots of natural and rare species at this park. You can easily arrange plain games because of wide available area.