Traditional Nigerian Fashion

Traditional Nigerian Fashion

Lagos, Nigeria is an interesting place to visit for those who are interested to learn history of the world. It is a place, where you can know about different cultures and traditions at one time. Book your flight with cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria, and head to this place. Fashion, style, traditions and weddings all are quite interesting and unique. People of Nigeria follow very beautiful fashion for their fabrics. They are used to wear bright color clothes with large floral designs including jacquard weaves, indigo dyed cotton, and Ankara. Patterns of the fabrics are inspired by Yoruba and other Nigerian cultures. Nigerian people wear tops, bottoms, one piece dress or robes, head wear, and body wraps. A complete outfit can be combination of top, bottom and a head piece, or it can be a complete one piece dress. Body wrap is optional to wear but it looks to elegant.

Nigerian Tops

Loose fitting blouses extended to the middle of hips are used as tops by Nigerian women. These blouses are named as buba. It is designed in different styles like with a round or V-shape neckline and long or half sleeves.

Nigerian Bottoms

“Iro” is a traditional long wrap-around skirt worn by Nigerian women, while men are used to wear loose-fitting trousers that are famous as “skoto”. Iro is a single but long rectangle, its one large edge is wrapped firmly around the waste and inserted in, at the end to grasp it in place. Sokoto are baggy style pants with a drawstring for proper tightening around waist.

One-Piece Dresses and Robes

Kaba is a famous one piece dress frequently used by Nigerian women. Kaba is designed in different styles, and one famous style is buba shaped kaba that is liked by Nigerian women. Kaba in buba style should be long enough to hit the ankles of woman. Kaba can be more stylish with pleats, tucks, flits and gatherings. Men wear robe on regular clothes and this is famous as agbada. They wear this on formal occasions only.


Headpiece is important part of fashion on every occasion for both men and women. Women use rectangular shape traditional cloth on head called gele. This can be wrapped around head in different styles to get different looks.

Men wear a file or an abeti-aja according to the nature of occasion. File is a round shape cap used to cover top of the head. Abeti-aja is quite similar to file but with longer slides and triangle shape over ears.

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