Traditional Weddings in Addis Ababa

Traditional Weddings in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is capital city of Ethiopia that is rich of culture and traditions therefore it is major attraction for tourists. It will be quite interesting to attend the festivals of this area especially wedding ceremonies. Traditional weddings of Addis Ababa are quite different from other weddings in terms of traditions and cultures. People of Addis Ababa celebrate this event with their families and food in the happiness of joint relation of two families. You want to attend traditional wedding of Addis Ababa then book your travel via Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa from London offered by different airlines. This will save your cost and you can comfortably reach at your destination without any additional expense. It will be quite interesting to have some knowledge about the traditional weddings in Addis Ababa and following are some useful details for information purpose:

Arrange Marriages

Arrange marriages are highly accepted in Addis Ababa as a normal wedding custom. Although it is frequently practiced way of marriage but still in urban areas this practice is not as much accepted as in other areas. In this type of marriage, elders of groom’s family used to travel to the bride’s house and request for her hand for marriage with their son.

Ceremony of Wedding

Both families collectively take decision about date and venue of ceremony. They decide other details like food that is important part of Ethiopian weddings. Both families decide menu for food items with beer and wine. Meet dishes are specifically served to entertain guests.

Western Influence in Ethiopian Weddings

A ritual is frequently practiced in Ethiopian Orthodox Church in which both parties promise each other to never divorce. Although this practice comes from western traditions but this practice is becoming more popular. Brides and groom of urban areas are also used to wear western wedding dresses and tuxedos.

Family Union

After wedding the wed couple moves in the family to take blessings of all people. This wedding brings two families together where the elder males are considered as patriarch and treated as head of houses. Women take in charge of domestic duties and responsibility to raise children.


Dowry is an important tradition in which the family of men presents something to the family of women with a dowry. The dowry can contain anything like livestock, money or other precious objects. Cheap flights to Addis Ababa from London will prove simply effective for your budget so do not forget to consider it before booking your travel.