Travel tips for Thailand

Travel tips for Thailand

Thailand is one of the best travelling hub in Southeast Asia and it is a fantastic country to travel. Thailand had a rich and famous history, culture and natural beauty. Either travelling to the ancient city of Ayutthaya to explore the Royal history, street photography of Bangkok or trip to the land of Khao Sok with emerald lakes, natural scenes of wildlife, stunning limestone’s peaks. You will find a lot of incredible and adventurous destinations in Thailand. As travelling is attractive, adventurous and fabulous activity so travelling tips are also very important aspect of tourism which helps us and guides us to deal with different peoples, customs and there country’s rules and regulations. So whenever you plane to travel Thailand before it you should take some of the basic Travel tips for Thailand for your ease and personal safety. Now here we will discuss some basic travelling tips:

Traditional Tips

Whenever you visit any country it had its own culture and customs. Thai’s people gives great importance to their customs and values. So it is important to know some of their traditional values because this will make your tour very easy and more respectable. We will give some examples like.

Social Values

Like other places hand shake will be acceptable for greetings in Thailand but better thing will be their traditional manner of greeting which is known as Wai ( a prayer like gesture).Generally a younger person will wai its elder.

  1. Removing shoes before entering any private Thai home.
  2. Dress neatly whenever you enters any religious shrines in Thailand. Otherwise refusal of entry to such places can happen.


The Monarchy

People of Thai had a great respect and reverence for the Monarchy and it is important to give respect to King, the Queen and Royal family.


Before booking room in any hotel you should keep several tips in your mind like first check into your room for example door locks, Window lock mechanism, any smoke alarm. Always take care about your valuable things in hotels room like passport, money in your suitcase, camera. Whenever you goes outside the hotel you should kept your things in the room safe provided by hotel. Don’t forget to take business card of hotel from your hotel management as hotel address and other information will be given on card that’s will be good to you especially when you use any taxi service coming back to hotel from outside. Generally information on card is given both in English and Thai languages.


Always cover your PIN while entering it on ATM, s .And never count your cash outside of ATM room. Similarly take care during credit card transactions and be aware of possibility of credit card fraud.

Adventurous activities and swimming

Always take care when swimming, diving, and kayaking in the rivers. Be aware of waterfalls especially in the rainy season. On coastal areas only swim from approved beaches and follow warning signs. Bungee jumping can be dangerous if you are not following safety measures and not using most up to date equipment’s of an authorized company and make sure that company is fully licensed and insured.