Uganda Culture & Customs

amazing African region of Uganda

Uganda which is a homeland of around 34.5 million inhabitants, obtains a diverse culture due to its large numbers of ethnic groups. It can be well seen through the variety of languages which are spoken in this country with English as an official language, that how much the Uganda culture and customs are rich. The cultural division is prominent since country independence and it grows with the passage of time. Every tribe has its own rules, traditions and etiquette, so it is important for you to know about the culture of this amazing African region because Uganda is a well-known destination for its awesome hospitality and travel secrets. The following facts and information will help you to understand the warmth welcoming peoples of this country.


After foreign invasions especially in the United Kingdom colonial era, Christianity was increased and today around 80% of the population is Christian. While the Muslim population is over 15% and from historical point of view, Arabs were the first one who reach and spread Islam in this region.


The main languages in Uganda includes: Luganda, Swahili and English. Bantu languages and Nilotic languages are the important branches of language in the region. However with over 40 different tribes living in the country, languages has a wide range and importance.

Sports and Festivals

Like in many other countries of Africa, Ugandan peoples also loves to celebrate different festivals like weddings, religious festivals, child births, independence day, gatherings which includes both social and family gatherings, and other officially declared holidays. Sports activities have a unique and great following in the Ugandan society. Football is the most popular game in Uganda, boxing and wrestling are also very famous in the country. While the traditional dance and music varies from one tribe to the other.


You will find numerous kind of foods in Uganda with Arab, Indian and European influences; both in cooking and taste. Usually there are two times meal in a day with a simple breakfast. Normally kitchens are made separate from the rooms and other parts of the house. Beef, Mutton, fresh fish, sweet potatoes, soybeans, peanuts, vegetables, chicken and different sauces are the main food items with much more which are used for preparing many mouth-watering cuisines. Some of the delicious and traditional dishes of Uganda includes: Beef and chicken stews, matoke, oluwombo and ugali.

Customs & Etiquette

Mostly women has a duty of cultivation of staple foods on their lands and a full time housewife job in rural areas whereas men is responsible for house expenditures and for all that legal means from where he can earn money. But in urban centers, women role is different as there are much opportunities in different cities of Uganda where girls or women’s can get education and also women can do job at high professional levels. Greetings with right hand is highly appreciable in Ugandan society and giving tip to a waiter is a strong tradition. Always keep some distance whenever talking to any female or male in Uganda because it is seen very respectful. Eating and serving food on the floor is a traditional way in the society of Uganda.