Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria

Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria

Tourism has a vital place in Nigerian economy as large number of people travel to this African wonderland. There are countless attractions in Nigeria that compel tourists to take time off their lives and plan a visit to Nigeria. One of the prominent places to visit in Nigeria is Victoria Island. Victoria Island is a wealthy town that embraces a former island of the same name that is situated between Lagos Island and the Lekki Peninsula. Apart from tourist opportunities Victoria Island is also main business hub of Nigeria. Number of people take budget flights to Lagos, Nigeria to explore amazing business opportunities.

Victoria Island is studded with high-class restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, bars, night clubs, movie theatres, schools and business centers. Provision of such facilities has made Victoria Island as modern as any other developed city in the world. Visitors from developed countries never feel out of home as they can experience the same living style and standard at Victoria Islands.

Victoria Island is home to number of foreign missions, embassies, consulates and offices of multinational corporations and banks. The Embassy of Russia in Nigeria is situated on Victoria Island. United States Consulate is located on Victoria Island. Victoria Island is also the location of the embassies for Germany, Bulgaria and Great Britain, as well as a number of consulates, including those of India, Brazil, Lebanon, and Spain.

Victoria Island has developed fast over past twenty five years. Rapid development has fast replaced old serene culture of the island as well. Old residents complain about traffic and noise in the city. Development has made this wonderful Island one of the most expensive places on African continent. Ordinary people can only dream to live in Victoria Islands.

However, flying to Victoria Islands never remained expensive. Keeping in view the large number of travelers to Victoria Islands many airlines operate cheap flights to Lagos, Nigeria. Visiting this wonderful Island and spending time in fun and enjoyment is a life time experience.