Ways to Make Income in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Ways to Make Income in Addis Ababa Ethiopia


Ethiopia is a large country with a great city Addis Ababa which is a famous place for tourists. It is a large coffee-producing country with robust economic growth. Addis Ababa can be a heaven for those who want to earn some money as there are lots of employment opportunities because of stable economy. If you are planning to head to Addis Ababa in order to make income then do not worry as it is a good choice. Book your flight but do not waste on expensive one as different airlines offer Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa from London. Consider them and go to Addis Ababa but first of all you have to learn different ways to make money in Addis Ababa:

Ways to Make Income in Addis Ababa

  • Take some time and search for job opportunities in Addis Ababa and in order to get better results you have to do job comparison. Try to find those companies that are stable and have good track in Ethiopia so that you can get guarantee for promising future.
  • Collect important details about the job and apply for it. After completing employment process and confirmation for the job, it is important to negotiate salary package within the market value of your vocation. Know about highest paying and rewarding jobs in Ethiopia such as engineering and information technology jobs are highest paying jobs because of market demand.
  • If you want to standout in the crowd then it will be good to know about market requirements of your selected professional and take additional courses in this field. Do not forget to learn different languages and local language of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia otherwise it will be hard for you to survive in this area.
  • Career selection is an important aspect so it is your responsibility to check the growth chart of last six months to know about consistently growing career. According to Ezega, civil engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering are constantly growing and rewarding jobs of Ethiopia.
  • If you have accounting, finance and auditing degree then apply in this profession as 14 percent of Ethiopian jobs are from this area. Increase your education and take financial diplomas and courses to join this field.
  • Information technology and telecommunications are one of the best fields in Ethiopia as 20 percent of job openings are related to this field. Get special training courses to have experience in information technology and telecommunications.

In short, stable economic condition makes Ethiopia a favorable place for those who are looking for income sources. Go to Addis Ababa via cheap flights to Addis Ababa from London and enjoy a sound career.