Welcome to the 16th Edition of HIFA Festival Harare

Harare will again host the mind-blowing Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) from April 28th to May 3rd, 2015. Spectacular themes of visual arts, fashion, music, comedy and dance with regional and international performances are ready to go at this amazing occurrence. In the shadows of culture, hospitality and traditional values, Harare will be again a great place for fun from theatre shows to the magical circus presentations as the capital city will welcome to the 16th edition of HIFA, festival Harare. For the both locals and foreigners, touristic attractions will go to an extra miles with this fantastic event. So if you’re still thinking to decide where to go for your upcoming holidays trip, then you, re going to miss this dazzling opportunity which promise you unlimited leisure’s and entertainment offers.

Among one of the largest festivals of Africa, HIFA has gain a huge popularity in the recent years, not only in the Zimbabwe or South African region but it is also well recognized internationally and according to CNN survey the festival is in the list of top ten festivals of the world. The festival was founded by Manuel Bagorro in 1999 and after that it plays an important role in increasing the positive thinking of Zimbabwean society which was quite disturbed from the political and economic problems. Expanding creativity concept and giving peoples a chance to express their ideas through artistic activities are the main objectives of this enthusiastic platform, which in fact it achieves outstandingly every year since its foundation.

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and a major commercial hub for the country, as well as a famous travelling destination. So get inspired by visiting and watching the beautiful botanical gardens, nearby safari spots, word-class hotels, restaurants and resorts, diverse cultural life, intriguing nightlife with taking part in the colourful event of HIFA which will make your trip memorable.