World Heritage Sanaa City

World Heritage Sanaa City

Sanaa is affirmed as a World Inheritance City by United Nations and the Sanaa is known as heart of Yemen. Sanaa won this status because of the heritage present in the city and lots of efforts are in progress to secure the oldest buildings and other architectures. You can find lots of old buildings even more than 400 years old and to view all amazing things, do not waste your time and access Cheap Flights to Sanaa. Medina or old walled hub of the metropolis is entirely potted for the upcoming generations. There is lack of modern buildings, because they love their heritage and many efforts are being made to preserve it.

You have to walk carefully on the road because narrow streets may cause trouble for you while walking. Motor scooters and some cars often travel in narrow streets, and you have to step back at anytime so get ready for this situation. Although, Sanaa is full of historical places, but still you can take the taste of fast food in Pizza Hut by parade grounds and several ice cream shops of Baskin Robbin. You will not find any McDonald in Yemen, but in future you may find one branch in Sanaa and Aden. Lots of airlines are offering cheap flights to Sanaa to entertain visitors.

Visit Suqs of Sanaa

You can visit the gate of old city known Bad al-Yaman and Suq al Milh, but you will not found salt in Salt Suq. Like other ancient suqa, you can find different blocks for each item including silver, gold, spices, shoes, garments etc. It will be great to walk through the suq without any aggression, and it will be fun to roam around the suqs. No merchant will try to entice you hard to shop his items. You can shop anything without any hard selling and in silver shops, you can shop without or minimal bargaining. It will be great to visit all suqs of Sanaa to get maximum value of your cheap Flights to Sanaa Yemen.

Food Items of Sanaa, Yemen

Without tasting yummy food items of Yemen, do not think about completion of your journey. Food items of Yemen are really unique, and some people specifically book cheap flights to Sanaa to enjoy the taste of unique food items. Lamp, fish and chicken are specialty of Sanaa, because these are prepared in different patterns like grilled and barbecued. Yemeni bread is really tasty and it is baked in kiln-type oven. You can visit traditional restaurants of Sanaa including Taj Sheba Hotel to enjoy the taste of Yemeni bread. It will be easy for you to plan the travel, if you consider cheap flights to Sanaa.