Zambia’s Top Safari Lodges

unrivalled safari destination

Zambia which is a land of unrivalled safari destinations, offers a variety of best safari lodges and camping accommodations at different but amazing travelling spots. Either it is Lower Zambezi region, attractive Luangwa Valley or the stunning Victoria Falls, you will find elegant views all around with one of the finest wildlife and gaming parks. But the most important thing during your visit to Zambia would be the nearby top Safari lodges to some of the spectacular national parks, local villages and the Zambezi River, where you can stay and relax with enjoying the country’s most incredible places. Now here is a list of Zambia’s top Safari Lodges which will really make your trip full of luxury.

Shumba Bush Camp, Kafue National Park, Zambia

In the north direction of Kafue National Park, you will find the splendid Shumba Bush Camp located on the famous Busanga Plains which has an area of 750 square kilometres. Shumba Bush Camp comprising six airy tents which are well constructed on a wooden platform and every tent has double bed service. Both indoor and outdoor dining and showers facility is available.

The main features of this fantastic site includes the well-known plains of Busanga which is a home to numerous puku, lechwe, lions, cheetahs and over 380 bird species which gives you an outstanding opportunity to explore and learn about these beautiful species at just one stop. While the Kafue Park is the other interesting aspect of this place because this park is in the list of best African Safari Destinations.

Chichele Presidential Lodge, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

It is another stupendous safari lodge where you will find yourself in a pure wildlife gaming valleys as this lodge is located in the heart of South Luangwa National Park. The luxurious lodge is an example of its own providing awesome facilities to its customers like fully furnished ten stone cottages (each cottage has 2 beds), swimming pool, fabulous dining options; both inside and outside with much more which you want. There are countless activities to do at this phenomenal spot like watching the different wildlife at Luangwa National Park, viewing the sunset from the top of the hill or from the riverbank, boat drive and many other things to do.

Royal Chundu Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zambia

If you want to make your every moment heartbreaking during your trip to Zambia, then don’t miss to visit Victoria Falls and staying at Royal Chundu Lodge which has world-class standards. This lodge consists of two further lodges which are Island Lodge and River Lodge, located on the lush-green banks of Zambezi River just 15 km away from the wondering Victoria Falls. Refreshing atmosphere and wide range of natural sceneries welcomes you warmly, while the luxury and leisure have no limit at this majestic region.