Zimbabwe National Parks

Zimbabwe National Parks

Enjoy the amazing and unrivalled wildlife of Zimbabwean region, and their activities in many of its National Parks. Stunning scenic views of the parks and it’s around makes every moment breathtaking, and feeling the lush-green environment is a spectacular experience for every traveler. Zimbabwe has a lot of interesting and intriguing offers for its visitors, and in fact the country is among one of the finest tourism gateway of Africa with an astonishing cultural heritage, dazzling natural landscapes and impressive landmarks. Now here we will discuss some of the most attractive National Parks in the magical country of Zimbabwe which attracts thousands of tourist’s ever year from all around the world.

Hwange National Park

It is one of the largest park in Zimbabwe, where you can see around 400 bird species and over 100 species of mammals, while the park has one of the largest collection of elephants in the world (almost thirty thousand). The park is situated in the west on the main road between Bulawayo and Victoria falls, and the total area of Hwange National Park is 14,651 square kilometers. There are three main camps in the park with administrative offices at Robins, Sinamattela and one at main camp. Tourist’s loves to visit this perfect safari destination, mostly from July to October and before planning your worthwhile trip to Hwange National Park, just take a look on some of the other fantastic Zimbabwe National Parks. 

Mana Pools national Park:

This park has some of the sensational views in terms of remoteness, mountains and rivers, nature and wilderness, and exhilarating scenes of hippos, elephants, zebras, and crocs. While the total area of the park is 2200 square kilometers, and historically this is the first park in Zimbabwe which was declared as world heritage site in 1984 by UNESCO. Mana is a traditional word which means “four” in the local Shona language, and the Mana Pools shows the four pools inshore from the Zambezi River. The Park is an excellent place for both; kids and elders, as there are amazing walking safaris in the park and the game-viewing of animals is at its best in this park.

Victoria Falls National Park:

The Victoria Falls National Park is located in the north-western Zimbabwe in a well renowned area of Victoria Falls. While the fascinating views around the east and south bank of Zambezi River can be seen in a very pleasant atmosphere from here. The fabulous features of the park includes; the rainforest which has a variety of trees like mahogany, palms, ferns and many more, plenty of hotels and resorts at campsites, and different walking track with tremendous views like Cataract view, famous waterfalls view and Victoria Falls Bridge view.