Privacy Policy

Aktip Travel is devoted to affirming the privacy of its customers and subscribers. We do not like to share, sell, or otherwise reveal information about our clients to any other concerned party.

Assortment of information:
Aktip Travel is providing Airline services to you and In terms of providing services this agency requisite to collect personal details which it compels to uphold with the applicable laws. Your consensus will be acquired by Aktip Travel before collecting any details or information. This company website may contain external links to other sites for example your alliance or airline partner agencies, Aktip Travel is not liable and responsible for privacy policies of for other websites. 

Integrity and Security:
The Company endeavor to stable the accuracy, completeness, consistency and currency of personal details in our databases and to protect privacy. Our security proceedings in place on our company website and electronic machines like computer system or laptops aim to protect the deficiency, misuse or any changes in personal information that has been provided. 

Cookies and Analytics:
Our web pages use cookies to provide you a better user experience according to your interest and required details. Cookies help to launch a user session and permit our server to properly provide website users according to the appropriate details. We also use analytics systems on our website like through our web server & Google Analytics to view the web traffic, user’s interest level in our services & content etc, this also helps us to improve our services in future for you.

Terms and Conditions:
We have enough authority to alter of modify the Privacy Policy at any time without any legal notice, this is user responsibility to review the written policy at regular intervals for continuous usage of your site. Your agreement will be required in case of any change in our existing privacy policy.